Holiday Time–Icky Time of Year

I don’t have to tell you what a stressful month December is–with to do lists glued to our brains. And how easy it is to give in to sugar cravings. One more cookie, one more scoop of ice cream. Comfort food tastes so good but the scale doesn’t like it. Everyone is vying for attention–how will you get things done in time for that big day that’s supposed to sparkle like a star-filled sky but when it rolls around, you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

A typical scenario goes like this: people start munching away when the weather turns cool. The body seems to crave sugar and starch and all those things your grandma or mom used to make. You start having sleep problems–when you look at the clock, it’s 2 am. According to Chinese Medicine, 1-3 am is liver time. If you wake up during this period, your liver is talking to you. If it had language it would say something like–hey, you’re eating too much junk food. Give me a break. I need more water to flush away toxins. And I sure wish you would deal with some of that old anger I’ve been storing for you. What do you think I am, a septic tank?

When the liver has “had enough,” not only is sleep impacted, but headaches, eye problems and tight tendons show up. If you’re out Christmas shopping and the music bothers you, when you’re feeling impatient, you’re not moving as quickly as you’d like, when your ligaments are so taut you feel like a tortoise, perhaps it’s a signal to seek assistance. Acupuncture works wonders and in fact, my busiest time of year is December when coping mechanisms go south. I help people lower their anxiety not just with acupuncture, but practical homeopathy remedies and nutrition as well.

When we take care of our bodies, our bodies take care of us.

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