Holidays are Here: What You Can Do to Eliminate Family Stress

I teach my patients how to do meridian tapping. It’s a tool that everyone can keep on the front burner.

Between acupuncture sessions, people need to be able to come to their own rescue when Aunt Matilda calls screaming into the phone that she wishes she were dead. When it comes to family DNA, we are programmed to react and usually we react badly. Especially during the holidays we may wish we could escape the drama by burying ourselves under a mountain of blankets or taking off to warmer climes.

No matter what’s on the front burner that is bothersome, whether it be a headache or irritation with another person, you can erase the run in the vinyl by learning tapping which is another way of giving yourself a needle-free acupuncture treatment.

Here’s the link. Remember it works if you remember to do it.