How Acupuncture Can Put the Awe Back in Autumn

In Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture, autumn is considered the season when all that has been piling up the entire year starts to let go. Look at the trees and how the leaves gradually start to float down until all that’s left is bare branches. Look at the sky and notice how blue takes on a deeper hue and how the bird songs seem crisper. When all the leaves are down, sounds are no longer muffled. Ideally, it’s the season that offers new inspirations, when heaven seems easier to reach.

Autumn alludes to the colon and lungs. It’s the two organs that need special attention. The large intestine is referred to as the “dust bin collector.” When it’s not clearing out toxins, the entire system turns murky and brain fog is a common complaint. Constipation can set it. If straining to have a bowel movement is a problem, know that there’s a back up in the digestive tract which spreads to all organs.

Think what happens when you don’t vacuum your house regularly? Or pick up after yourself or the kids? After a while, mundane tasks become more difficult to complete. Creativity blocks set in. And in severe cases, depression. Passion for life dissipates.

When autumn is not used properly, when we don’t follow the example of Mother Nature, we can accumulate grief. Grief over just about anything–it doesn’t have to be about death of a parent or friend. When grief over the past is held onto, it takes its toll on the colon as well as the lungs. The lungs are there to bring into ourselves wisdom from the heavenly realms. Likewise, the lungs also detox. When they fill with toxins, there can be an excess of mucous or difficulty breathing.

Acupuncture, as it’s practiced in the Five Element Tradition, is a life saver and can add sparkle to your days. Feel free to give me a call to discuss how acupuncture might be just what you need to clear a new path to a brighter tomorrow. We offer a 15-minute consult, free. 410 384 9183