How and What to Eat: Meat or Going Vegetarian?

There is no one right answer for each person is an individual. Dr. Sherry Rogers, author of Tired or Toxic, mentioned when I was her patient many years ago that one of her patients who was dying of cancer suddenly started to feel better when she stopped being a vegetarian. Boiled beef bones were what this particular individual needed while a vegetarian diet might benefit someone else.

Many vegetarians eat a lot of soy–you’ve all heard about the soy turkeys for Thanksgiving and the restaurants that turn turn soy into anything that looks like traditional American food, e.g., burgers. What many people don’t know is that soy is harmful to the thyroid. While it’s inexpensive, many prisons serve soy and more soy to inmates only to have their health suffer.

tWhile no one can argue that fruits and vegetables are good for us (although some say fruit should be avoided), it’s important to ask yourself, “How do I feel after I eat____________________?”

As an acupuncturist and health coach who counsels people on diet, I meet a lot of vegetarians who shame meat eaters. The world needs less self righteousness and more understanding. Nothing says it better than author/healer Mary Mueller Shutan in this link: