How Many Supplements Does a Person Need, Really?

One of the pitfalls of getting well is the assumption that more is better when it comes to supplements. Patients come in with two bags of vitamins, probiotics and other remedies that they purchased on line or that they got from a naturopath. They have invested thousands of dollars in their precious supplements and refuse to give them up. Even if those items are not helping, or in fact may be hurting them.

There’s a dearth of practitioners our there (many MDS) who are in the business of selling vitamins. They invest a lot of money in marketing…people often go for the ads and think that if only they would take this or that vitamin, their problems will disappear. Consider this analogy: A ferry comes once a day to transport cars across the river. The boat can only hold so many vehicles. It’s the same with our cells–they can only process so much for so long.

People, of course, want to be well, but often their downfall is self prescribing supplements when in fact, they don’t know how their body works. I used to humor patients by muscle testing their bags of remedies but I no longer do that. In most cases, a person’s cache of supplements needs to be let go. It’s about decluttering, simplifying and letting a trusted practitioner help. The body can only handle so much input. We all need to learn to respect our bodies who want to get well but when we keep shoveling in more and more and more, nothing changes. In fact, symptoms may get worse. Remember, symptoms are the end result of a problem–they are messengers. They want us to slow down, listen, to subtract, not add things we don’t know the first thing about.