How to Get to the Heart of What’s Bugging You: the Bugs Inside You

For the last 25 years I’ve been a SCIO/QXCI practitioner. SCIO is registered with the FDA as a biofeedback technology that scans over 10,000 frequencies in your electrical body (known as the biofield). It was first developed by a medical doctor to help his autistic son. It has since had many incarnations with thousands of practitioners around the world using it to help themselves, their families and clients. Know right off the bat that this technology is controversial and has some bad press from people who just don’t know better (those stuck inside the box) as well as some practitioners who have used it unprofessionally (i.e., telling a client to stop medications).

I first started using the device after I developed chronic fatigue. I was amazed how quickly I regained my energy and how it helped me get to the heart of why I was sick. I have helped many people in my family feel better including an elderly uncle, aunt and mother who led long lives (the aunt is still alive at 97). It lifted my depression and made me more aware of what to eat and how to treat my body.

Deborah Drake is a former medical doctor who teaches quantum biofeedback therapy and I find this video to be a TRUE FIND. Before I get to it, I want to say that I know several doctors in my immediate area who have SCIO devices, who use them for themselves and their families and friends. People in the health care profession need to take extra care of themselves.