Hybrid Cars — Something you Should Know

In the back seat of hybrid cars there is a powerful lithium battery that gives off a high electromagnetic charge. No child let alone an adult ought to be subjected to this frequency. So before you run out and buy a hybrid to conserve gas or save the planet, do your research.

Although I am not familiar with the products mentioned in this web site, the information is useful: http://safespaceprotection.com/electrostress-from-cars-vehicles.aspx

In my clinic we address electromagnetic frequencies right off the bat. If you go to my website at www.jadespring.com there is an EARTHCALM banner there. I prefer Earthcalm to any other form of grounding and am delighted with our whole house system as well as the wireless attachment that inserts into the router.

I will be writing more in future blogs about wireless technology and the dangers it presents. In fact, there is a voice inside me that keeps asking, “Are tornadoes destroying towns and cities because of wireless technology.” I asked my engineer/patent attorney husband that question this morning and his response, “I don’t know” (vs. “absolutely not).

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt states over and over in his seminars that so many people are so sick is because of electromagnetic smog. It’s not unusual for churches and schools who need the money to be paid $15,000 to have cell phone towers installed on top of the buidlings. The next time you go to church, ask your pastor or priest if there’s a cell phone tower in the steeple.

In the meantime, you might want to send for a catalogue from lessemf.com. They offer a myriad of products that can help us get through this technolgoical age in one piece. I myself sleep under a silver mesh canopy since I discovered a cell phone tower went up a few blocks from my house.