Hypochrondria — is there such a thing?

Perhaps there is, but I believe it’s rare. Those who complain to their families or spouses about aches and pains and malaise all the time are often ridiculed even by doctors. I remember when I was in my early twenties, a doctor called me a kook because I complained of an ongoing pain in my right side.

So many patients come to see me whose blood labs seem fine, whose doctors say there is nothing wrong. If there’s nothing wrong, then why do they continue to feel tired and miserable?

There are ways of determining what’s going on with a person and one of those tools I use in my clinic is the Zyto. By placing one’s hand on a cradle, the software scans a person’s acupuncture meridians for thousands of possibilities and the remedies or therapies the body is calling for. Remember, your body has an innate intelligence; it knows what it needs. The problem is we are unable to access our unconscious in order to peel away the many layers and years of toxins that have accumulated. More health care practitioners are turning to bioresonance technology to figure out what is triggering a person’s ill health.