Instant Cures, Magic Bullets, the Fallacy

When people come to me for treatment who have been suffering acutely or chronically (for a long time), they often think that one or two treatments will free them from months or years of emotional or physical pain. That’s not how it usually works.

In this day and age of instant gratification, people are impatient. And they are often so busy they don’t notice subtle shifts in their condition–for example, even though the back pain is still there, they feel more optimistic. I have to tell you–that is one layer of the onion being lifted! We often see in five element acupuncture or homeopathy that there is an emotional change–the person takes an interest in life again even though the pain is still there, but not center stage.

The longer the person has been sick, the more patience is required. And as a reminder, if a person has been on drugs, steroids, or antibiotics, those things suppress symptoms, e.g., they push the disease further into the body so the person doesn’t experience the illness. Five element acupuncture and homeopathy gently stimulates the body so the body can do its job. It’s a process. So if you have layers and layers of drugs and loads of supplements on board (that aren’t helping), one must know that the body is a remarkable machine that knows how to heal itself, but it can’t do it if we continue to run to the doctor every time we have a fever of the sniffles.

Most people get impatient and move on to find the next magic bullet. Sorry to be the bearer of such news, but there is no magic bullet. Think about this before I end this post–anti-biotics really means anti-nature.