Is Acupuncture Enough?

While regular acupuncture treatments keep a body humming, it sometimes, by itself, is not enough if a person has a chronic problem like a stomach ache. Acupuncture fine tunes the energetic system and most people can really feel a difference after just a few painless needles are administered.

But if a person comes in and they complain about a persistent problem, it’s important to explore the foods the person eats on a regular basis or what foods they avoid. Let’s take the stomach ache–it can be caused by a number of things, i.e., virus, microbe, parasite, mold overgrowth. It’s important to be able to single out what’s causing the problem and I do this, alongside acupuncture, with various tools such as muscle testing and Zyto nutritional software as well as other techniques.

Acupuncture works better if the proper remedy or remedies are incorporated into the therapy.

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