Thyroid — WHY is the question? Why is not working working like it should?

Few doctors understand that the thyroid isn’t functioning because there’s a reason underneath the low T4, low T3 and high antibodies. Oftentimes its due to heavy metals or an infection. It would be great if there were a thyroid vacuum cleaner that could suck out whatever is there that is foreign to the thyroid cells.

While natural thyroid hormone supplementation can help, oftentimes it doesn’t do the job because the underlying concerns have not been addressed.  That is where energetic testing comes in — either through muscle testing and/or computerized nutritional analysis (Zyto), we can determine what is the culprit. Your body has intelligence and every symptom is a message. Unfortunately, we don’t come with an operating manual. Each person is different–what remedy might work for your neighbor may not be the one that is for you.  And let’s face it, staying on one medication or supplement forever isn’t the way to go. The body needs regular tweaking.

That’s why I offer a 12-week program, aside from my acupuncture practice. For those interested in really getting well, it’s important to look at one’s nutrition. Even those of us who are careful about our diets, the holidays tempt us with its many sugary “treats” and white-flour cookies and cakes. Combine that with the stress that goes along with the year-end and you wind up with a Pandora’s box.


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