It’s Lent: I’ve Taken a Break from Facebook

Regardless of your religious beliefs, spring is the perfect time to not just detox the liver and gall bladder, but to detox our mental body as well. It’s the rare individual who doesn’t get caught up in the politics and social media frenzy that bombards our lives via television and social media. Getting the “news” comes with a high price. Do you have a hard time falling asleep because you’re worried about the state of the world? Do you feel tired after listening to the six o’clock “news” where people are paid to blabber on about this and that?

I noticed immediately how I felt when I wasn’t liking posts and checking in with virtual friends from around the globe. I became aware of just how attached we become to social media outlets, or to be blunt, addicted. “All things in moderation” is the saying that kept rising from my consciousness.

Just as if a person starts to count calories, there’s an awakening that takes place. That Power Bar that one snacks on every day is 350 calories. Becoming mindful is so important. Taking a break from Facebook was not easy at first–but as time goes on, I realize how many other things I could be doing that will make a positive difference in my life. Yes, you might say giving up a social media platform for Lent is a mental detox. When we let go of the noise, we develop a deeper relationship with ourselves where we can make room to hear the still small voice inside us.

In good health,

Alexis Rotella, M.Ac.

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