Do You Know Where Your Liver Lives?

As I teach people how to take care of their health, one of the first things I share with them is how to locate their organs, especially their liver/gall bladder. They are located right under the right rib cage. The liver extends toward the back but the gall bladder, a tiny balloon-shaped organ, rests to the left-hand side.

Once you understand your liver and how it works, you can doctor yourself instead of running to the ER or your physician. I teach people how to clean their liver and gall bladder through the use of certain foods and gentle massage. Your liver is the chemical processing plant of your body and when there is an accumulation of toxins, you may get a headache or start to feel icky.

Many times people will think they are having a heart attack when the gall bladder is filled to the brim with fat. This often happens after a fatty meal especially around the holidays. One of the best ways to help your gall bladder calm down is to drink warm water, lie down and place your hands on top until the pain subsides. You will probably feel or hear a gurgle.

Knowing how to take care of yourself in this way is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t teach people how to self treat and to be honest, many doctors don’t have a clue — they are trained to prescribe drugs which most of the time push the illness further in It’s better to treat symptoms and not erase the message they are trying to give us.