Listen to your Dreams

Your dreams may have a message for you. In the following dream a patient had, the message was pretty obvious. Most dreams don’t just pop out of the water and say, “Here. Do this.”

A salmon came out of the water and I rolled with it on the sand. As I was hugging the fish, it told me “I love you.”

This is a woman with severe food allergies who at times simply doesn’t know what’s good for her. She also has an ongoing problem with fatigue. Salmon is a high-energy food. It’s a great source of protein and as it turns out, it not only loves her, but she loves salmon.

Such a wonderful dream for a wonderful lady. She gave me permission to summarize her dream.

(When you buy salmon, make sure it’s wild caught, not farm raised. Dr. Klinghardt tells us that farm-raised salmon can contain prions — not something you want in your system).