Lyme Disease: It all started in the Eastern United States by the US Government

Those of us who have studied with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD know all about the book Lab 257 which has been out for years. The media is just catching up but those of us who have had Lyme disease, who have been through the horrors of the illness, have been forced to dig really deeply and not just rely on the average MD to treat Lyme. First of all, the Western Blot test has proven to be unreliable. One can get a negative reading and still be sick.

Bioresonance testing, in my view, is necessary, to determine what’s going on. Functional medicine practitioners are quite aware of how muscle testing, when done properly, can reveal what blood tests don’t. I have used various software programs including SCIO biofeedback as well as muscle testing for the last 20 plus years in my Arnold, Maryland clinic. I have worked with medical doctors and other practitioners in order to help a person get their health back. Sometimes it takes a team. In my case, I spent thousands of dollars trying to find my way out of the maze which included traveling to New York City for intravenous treatments as well as to Germany for experimental detox. I believe, in most cases, such drastic measures are not necessary.