Lymphedema: Why your Feet and Legs Swell, What to Do?

Physicians often prescribe diuretics when in reality diuretics deplete the body of minerals, something we all desperately need. There are various causes of lymphedema that always involves the lymphatic system, which I refer to as a lazy river full of sludge or a swamp that is so overgrown with algae that not even a frog can survive there.

Eating dark green leafy vegetables (organic) is so important, especially in the spring season when the body naturally wants to detox and alkalize. I had a patient with serious lympedema in her arms and legs and while I was able to help her to the point where she felt lighter rather than a lead weight, she refused to eat vegetables because her mother didn’t like vegetables and, because she so honored the memory of her parent, she would rather carry on her legacy of unhealthy eating.

Here’s a really informative video about how to eat and things to consider to get yourself out of Slugville and into a life of greater vitality. Most of the suggestions don’t cost a lot of money so there’s no excuse to give up.

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