Masks and Pink Eye (or Styes)

Masks, when they are worn up over the nose, might contact the lower eyelids from time to time. It’s important to wash your mask often if it’s made of cloth or to change your mask often if it’s paper. I recently developed a set of styes that took more than a week to come to a head. At first there was pain under the orbit. The entire eyelid and area beneath was sore. A few days later the itchiness began along with a burning sensation.

Before the eyelid itself became inflamed, a spot on the orbit became red and swollen–the inflammation then traveled to the eyelid. Pink eye (conjunctivitis) and styes are caused by a bacterial infection. Bacteria is found on the face. Another good reason why it’s a good idea to keep your hands away from the skin on your face — it’s way too easy to transfer it to your eyes. A mask can move bacteria around infecting the eye.

At least twice a day it’s a good idea, when washing the face, to focus on the eyes and eye lashes, to lather up (eyes closed) then carefully rinse with warm water and dry eyes with a clean towel, not one that has been used previously or on other body parts.