What is “Meridian Assessment Analysis”

You may have heard Meridian Assessment Analysis described as Electrodermal Screening or more commonly, Computerized Nutritional Analysis.

The ZYTO is the latest form of meridian testing and more and more health practitioners are using it to determine just what priorities the patient needs to deal with. And once the body reveals what organs, glands and systems are not up to par ,then we test to determine what remedies and foods are necessary to create balance.

Your unconscious has all the answers you need — it is after all what keeps your body running. If, for example, a person has Lyme disease and their Central Nervous System is impacted, the remedy that is right for one is probably not going to be the same for their friend who also has Lyme.

Zyto takes the guess work out of the equation–no longer does a patient have to try 10 different remedies to see which one works. If you’re compatible with a certain remedy, you will know in a few minutes.

You simply place your hand on a cradle while the computer software scans your meridians (energy currents used in acupuncture).

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