Moving: It’s No Picnic!

Psychologists says that next to the death of a loved one or divorce, moving is right up there when it comes to stress. It’s not just the move itself–it’s the preparation which includes so many decisions: what to keep, what to get rid of and how, coming to the realization that the stuff you thought was worth a lot isn’t worth much at all, especially when an agent takes their cut. It’s hard enough when it’s just you that’s calling the shots, but if you share your life with another person or persons, it can get pretty hairy when your dream of living a life of minimalism clashes with that of one who has a hard time parting with every knick knack, every slip of paper. It’s more difficult to make decisions, when bickering seems to always be on the front burner.

Couple all that with Covid-19, making sure you wear a mask when you answer the door, taking one with you when you go to the mailbox because you never know who you’ll meet. Even harder when you meet someone who has to spill their political persuasions all over the place even when you don’t want to know. There are days when you just wish you had a live-in cook not to mention a massage therapist who also knows how to use essential oils! But we all have to eat and of course, wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen.

Why am I telling you all this? Because that’s my life right now. I managed to sneak in a session with my friendly chiropractor who has a lovely demeanor. She’s also gifted in the empathy department and reminded me that the adrenals really take a hit when we’re overworked. So instead of beating up on oneself when the steam is just not there, give in and get horizontal, maybe put your legs up against the wall.

Everyone needs some playtime. When we’re in the midst of moving (I’ve been at it for one full year), it’s vital that we take time out to get in touch with the inner child for some R&R. For the last few evenings, I’ve taken out my iPad and just doodled silliness. I needed those breaks. Instead of always hanging out in the “beta” state (left brain), drop down into alpha (right brain) which Jose Silva calls “the kingdom of God.” Just meditating 15 minutes a day can be as revitalizing as a mini vacation. A bonus of blocking out the mad mad world is increased intuition which can only help when it comes to making decisions about what house to bid on, and how to best declutter and what to charge for our many treasures..