Muscle Testing: How I Blew a Colleague’s Mind Using Energetic Laser Detox

A colleague came into my clinic today feeling depressed and not herself. I sensed muscle testing might get to the bottom of why she was in such a sorry state. Within a minute of testing various vials, hair dye and silver amalgams were the two toxins that showed up (out of a hundred or so different possibilities).

I looked at her and asked, “Do you dye your hair?” She replied that she just colored her hair the day before, but with what she said was a natural product. As for the silver, her teeth contained many fillings.

With the two vials in an apron that she wore around her waist, I painted her body with a red laser including the ears, palms and feet bottoms. I then tested her for the flower essences that would release the emotions she was holding onto. (Toxins always involve stuck emotions).

She tested for four different essences including Honeysuckle which alludes to homesickness, nostalgia and problems in the home. I then added the four vials to the apron and painted her body with a green laser with special attention to the ears, palms and feet.

When I tested her again, the hair dye and silver tested strong, meaning that the toxins got the message and were letting go. I sent her home with a jar of chlorella with instructions to take three capsules with water ASAP, and for the next few days to take nine caps a day on an empty stomach to bind the toxic load that would be eliminated through her colon.

I am delighted to be able to offer Energetic Laser Detox to my patients. I learned this technique at a Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt seminar. The method was developed by a former dentist, Doug Phillips. It’s the most elegant way I know to detox the body of toxins that don’t belong inside the cells. The cells want to let go of harmful substances; they just need a little nudge and someone who knows this technology.

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