About Alexis Rotella

Alexis RotellaMy Journey Impacts Yours

At age 42 I was overcome with chronic fatigue — back in the day when doctors believed chronic fatigue was all in the head. What helped me get my energy back? — acupuncture. I was so impressed with the results that, at age 48, I embarked on going back to school to study Five Element Acupuncture with the legendary Prof. John R. Worsley in Florida. I was so dedicated that I commuted from San Francisco to Miami four times a year while doing my apprenticeship in Santa Cruz. Over the years, I have gone through other health crises, e.g., heavy metal toxicity, after having had my fillings removed which then unleashed a horrendous case of Lyme disease. I myself have been through the proverbial mill, but the silver lining in the cloud is I have tools in my practice that most acupuncturists aren’t familiar with. I have personal insight that only living it, doing it, and being it, can bring to my practice and my patients.

The Quest for Knowledge & Improvement

Twenty years ago, I was certified in Colorpuncture which is like acupuncture but uses a different set of points for various issues. Colorpuncture uses a wand that shines color onto the skin. I use if often with children who are not keen on needles–they love the experience as do many adults. One of the loveliest Colorpuncture treatments includes a facial rejuvenation treatment – by treating the face with color, all the organ systems of the body are affected. My primary objective is to find the cause behind symptoms because when not addressed, a cascade of ailments can ensue.

“Alexis is a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner of both acupuncture and colorpuncture acu-light therapy. She is also a lovely person.”
–Manohar Croke
Points of Light LLC dba U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute



I graduated from The Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Hallandale, Florida where I completed my clinicals with the late Dr. J.R. Worsley.


• Completed Clinicals with the late Dr. J.R. Worsley
• Drew University, B.A. with honors
• Interfaith Seminary, Certificate in Spiritual Counseling
• Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, Master of Acupuncture
• American Institute of Hypnotherapy, Doctorate Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Nationally Certified in Acupuncture by the NCCA Maryland Acupuncture Licensure
• Mentored with Li-Chuan Huang, OMD, MD in Auricular (Ear)
• Therapy Colorpuncture Certification (including CEUs in treating kids and facial rejuvenation)
• Trained in Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) and Clay Detox
• Koryo Hand Therapy for Pain Relief (Dr. Yu)
• Trained in Plant Spirit Medicine with Elliot Cowan
• 40-Hour Course in Civil Mediation (MICPEL,University of Baltimore)
• Third-Degree Reiki
• Advanced Mari-El Healing
• Sixth-Degree Omega Healing
• Advanced Matrix Energetics
• ZYTO and EVOX Practitioner Training
• Infinity/Genius Energetic Balancing
• Soluna Detox Certification
• SCIO Balancing (Remote Sessions Available)
• Practical Homeopathy (for Emotional, Gut Issues, Pain)

Published Works

I am a multi-award winning author, poet, and artist. In 1991 when the world was just beginning to consider that our thoughts might have an impact on health, I pioneered that concept in my acclaimed book, How Words and Thoughts Affect Your Body.