On Overwhelm? Get Horizontal!

When stress is over the top and you feel like you’re on overwhelm, instead of breaking a dish, or barking at your child, try going horizontal for 10 minutes or more. Let yourself chill out. If you can open a window and listen to the birds or crickets, so much the better.

As I’ve mentioned several times on my blog, my spouse and I are in the midst of preparing for a move to another state. We have collected way too much stuff during our 50 years of marriage. What is precious to him is not as precious to me. My husband must have thousands of books around him. I have culled my own books into a manageable 200 and I have learned to live with Kindles. I don’t see the need for four cast-iron frying pans since we are only two people and since Covid-19 is raging, chances are we won’t be making large amounts of food for guests nor will we be opening a restaurant. When I am forced to look at piles of boxes in the garage I know will be stuffed into a moving van only to be dealt with down the road, I can get pretty crazy. As I age, I yearn for a life of minimalism. My husband is not in that space.

So what do I do? I get horizontal. I go into my clinic, close the door, lie down and let the sounds of Nature in. I let the late summer sun warm me. I take deep breaths and oxygenate my cells – deep breath in, hold for four seconds, let it out to a count of four. I do this for as long as I need to. When I feel like my body/mind/emotions have had a mini vacation, I get up, and once again accept things as they are. My judgments fade and I can get on facing what is with a better attitude and renewed energy.