How to Prevent Heart Disease?

In Chinese Medicine, we refer to the heart as the supreme controller which is protected by the heart protector.

All of the organs in essence protect the heart and when one organ goes down, and another, and another, the heart can take the hit.

How we eat, and what we eat is so important not just to heart health but health of the entire system. When one part of the body is ailing, the heart feels it. It may sound shocking when I say the best thing we can do is throw out the oils, even olive oil and coconut oil, to eliminate salt, even sea salt, forget about dairy and meat.

People come to my clinic with shopping bags filled with supplements. They get miffed when I tell him instead of taking so many supplements to consider changing the way they eat. But you don’t have to take my word for it — here’s a link written by a heart doctor and his wife. Their common sense approach to eating is catching on like wildfire. It’s not just another fad circulating the planet–it’s changing people’s lives.