No one really knows why people get restless leg syndrome but one thing is for sure, it is a nuisance. Just when you start to calm down and relax your foot or leg starts to get a creepy crawling sensation that just don’t quit.

Many doctors say it’s a calcium/magnesium deficiency, others say it’s an iron deficiency. Yet Dr. Gaph is his newspaper column years ago shared that one of his patients got relief from sleeping with a bar of soap under their sheet where there foot was and in record time, the RLS disappeared. As it turns out, other readers started trying to soap method and it worked. I myself had RLS a few years ago and the bar of soap (DOVE) helped. Any kind of soap will do.

In the meantime, it’s not a bad idea to up your minerals and get a good calcium/magnesium supplement on board and if your doctor or practitioner agrees, take some iron or if you don’t want to take a capsule, bone up on your dark green leafy vegetables. Do a Google search and find out what foods have a lot of iron and then eat them.