Scar Tissue Can CreateEnergy Blockages

One of the first things taught in acupuncture school is  scar tissue can interfere with energy (meridian) flow. This includes surgery (face lifts, etc)., body piercings, tattoos and even scrapes from falls.

The late Dr. Bob Marshall who discovered Quantum Reflex Analysis (who I shadowed in his Austin clinic some years ago) shed much light on scar tissue and how people who can’t seem to get well no mater what modality they try often have scar tissue somewhere on their body. Through a form of muscle testing, a certified practitioner can determine where the blockage or blockages may be. Volcanic clay, applied in a certain way, can often energetically open the scar. Sometimes it may take several applications. Lasers are also used to help scar tissue let go the electrical charge. Needling can also assist but not always.

There is a lot of glamour surrounding tattoos and the hype on the Web how it is a form of therapy. Having worked as an acupuncturist for two decades I have seen time and time again especially with the younger generations, how important tattoos are to them. Many don’t want to hear anything that goes against the latest trends.

A scar on the face might cause not only headaches but stomach issues, a scar on the index finger can interfere with colon function. There are all sorts of scenarios. A piercing on the tongue can cause health problems. 

The people who get well the quickest are those who are teachable. I for one wish I knew when I was a teenager how ear piercings can effect one’s health. Perhaps I would have had better eyesight.

For those who need a reference point, start with this one and then do your own research but be careful not to be hoodwinked by those who promote things that may be fashionable but not, in the long run,  in one’s best interests down the road.