Scars: Perhaps Why You Just Can’t Get Well

You may have tried many approaches to feeling better but you’re still not completely there. You may not know what else to do. Many symptoms such as back or neck pain can be caused by a scar.

Scars can block energy. Picture a kink in your garden hose where the water cannot flow to the flowers who are waiting for nourishment. It’s a simple metaphor for what happens when scars do not allow the energy circuits (acupuncture meridians) to circulate.

Scars from simple procedures like mole removal or other surgeries might be why you still have back or knee pain. The good news is I have 40 years experience in the holisitic health arena, 23 of those years I’ve specialized in acupuncture and functional medicine which includes nutriton. I’m more than just an acupuncturist–I’m a health coach who uses natural cutting-edge technology to get you on your way to a more energetic productive life. I’ve helped hundreds of people get well.

Your visits might be covered by insurance. Make sure to click the holisitic billing button on my website to see if you have coverage. If you do, great, but if you don’t, I work with many people who pay out-of-pocket.

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