SCIO Biofeedback Technology

Sometimes the best way to educate the public is to share case histories. A female patient suffered from chronic fatigue for as long as she could remember as an adult. She had been to many doctors and energy workers with no positive result. The patient was looking to sell her house and go into assisted living for fear that she wouldn’t be able to cope any longer as a house owner and a single person. From the first day I worked on her using SCIO Biofeedback, she started to regain her energy. At first her new energy level lasted two days, then with each subsequent balancing session, her chi improved until it finally held. Over the years she had gone through many stressful situations. She held onto anger and grief. Deep emotions cause energy blocks in the acupuncture meridians, chakras (energy centers). But the SCIO also detected other frequencies–viruses, bacteria which were keeping her life force locked down. Of course, the outcome of this story is she is still in her house, has an active social life and even though she has since encountered stressful situations, they did not hold her back. Instead she grew from whatever life brought.

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