How Seasons Affect Your Health: A Five Element Acupuncture Perspective

The Chinese discovered thousands of years ago that seasons impact our health, that understanding the spirit of each season is vital to maintaining good health.

We just came into the season of late summer which has a different feel than the blazing blistering hot days of July. While many people love summer and the fun it offers, heat-filled days for others can take its toll.

When we move into late summer, there’s a different feel to the days. The crickets seem to sing more slowly, the sun is not as intense and the earth herself is winding down. It’s not unusual during late (or Indian) summer, to be able to relax, trust and let go just like the pumpkins and squash that lounge in the fields.

Every season has its own rhythm and Five Element Acupuncture is all about being in touch with the season we’re in. If we find ourselves lamenting that summer is over, that we miss our friends so much that we can’t get on with our life, that is valuable information telling us that we’re out of balance especially if we are eating too many sweets and find ourselves gaining too much weight and feeling sluggish.

Humidity is at its peak in late summer and some people feel like a bump on the log because their stomach and spleen energies are out of balance. When the stomach meridian (energy circuit) is deficient, we may over eat, eat things that are not nutritious. When the spleen is out of synch, we may feel like we just don’t have enough energy to do what we need to do, that nutrients are not reaching our muscles and cells. Our legs may swell and the hands and face might puff up.

I have a number of patients who are nurses who worked 13-hour shifts, who forget to take care of themselves and their families. They focused their energy on their patients but were too tired to make good meals for themselves. But when they started to receive Five Element Acupuncture they noticed a big shift. When we’re in balance, we put ourselves first because we know that unless we’re running on eight cylinders, we can’t really take care of others.

As a practitioner who is dedicated to Five Element Acupuncture, I see the difference treating the whole person makes. Five Element treatments do not just address symptoms, but the entire person.
We’re living in a fast-paced world — we can easily become addicted to being busy yet we don’t feel satisfied with our lives.

Five Element Acupuncture changed my life — every season has its gifts and its downside but when we are in balance, we are able to extract from the season what is good and helpful.

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I look forward to being able to help you feel better, not just in the season of Late Summer, but all seasons.

Alexis Rotella, M.Ac.
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