So It’s Almost 2021 and You Want to Lose Weight — Are You Sure Cutting Out All Sugar is a Good Idea Especially if You Have Thyroid Issues?

It’s no fun carrying around extra pounds. We don’t move as well, we get out of breath when we walk up a flight of stairs. And we don’t like the way our clothes fit.

People who suffer from thyroid problems often feel like a dog chasing its tail–they get nowhere. There’s so much bad press about sugar — people try a keto diet and their antibodies sky rocket. They feel hungry and tired and depressed.

Forefront Health is a great place to research hypothyroidism. It offers wisdom to those who feel lost. Sugar is really the key — everyone it seems is screaming about how bad sugar is for people, but the right kinds of sugar are necessary to keep us going. The brain needs sugar!

Take a look at this article and dig deeper for what makes sense. There is no one size fits all way of eating or exercise for everyone.