Did the Solar Eclipse Bring to the Surface Things You Didn’t Want to Face?

It’s not unusual for lunar and solar eclipses to make us feel anxious. Any time there’s less light available, even for a little while, people can feel it. Many individuals felt like they were on fast forward before and during Monday’s solar eclipse — in fact, many didn’t sleep well and woke up anxious.

Partners got on each other’s nerves and some erupted like geysers. It’s a good idea to become familiar with both new and full moon times — to know that whatever anxiety or distress you may be feeling is temporary. If you can take a walk or become engrossed in a worthwhile activity until the dust settles,
instead of biting off someone’s head, you’ll find that, just as a storm passes, so do emotions. Emotions are just weather but during new and full moon or eclipses our hormones take charge instead of our brains. It’s not unusual for the ego to want to be right even if it means hurting another person only to later regret it.

The Change of Seasons Also Plays a Big Part in How We Feel Emotionally and Physically

Five Element Acupuncture, when received regularly, is therapy that allows us to not just decompress but to become more conscious. Especially when one season transitions into another, there is a period of uncertainty that we all feel. For some, saying goodbye to summer feels like a loss. For others, the prospect of moving into autumn feels like a breath of fresh air, when one can finally breathe and let go. But there are those who dread fall and every loss they ever suffered seems to return. Five Element (or Classical) Acupuncture enables us to honor the emotions that the seasons bring forth. Each season offers us a gift but if we are moving so fast that we even forget what day it is, we can easily burn out.

One session builds on another — Five Element Acupuncture removes blocks that may have been there since birth or before. Unlike TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Five Elements is holistic — it does not treat symptoms only to push the symptoms deeper inside. By treating the whole person, symptoms dissipate because they are really messengers pointing to an imbalance in the spirit.

I graduated from The Academy for Five Elements (formerly The Worsley Institute). I completed my clinicals with the late Dr. John Worsley, the British osteopath who brought this medicine to the West from the Orient. This way of healing totally changed my life and my mission is to help others regain balance. There aren’t many practitioners in Maryland who studied directly with Dr. Worsley, although he is highly regarded by most acupuncturists regardless of the system practiced.

Acupuncture is covered by insurance which is an incentive for many to give it a go. If you will check out the first page of my website, you’ll notice I’m offering, for a short time only, a get-to-know-you session for only $47. As an added bonus, I’m including a free Zyto energetic food scan which will tell you what foods your body needs and what it doesn’t. This is not a canned report, but targeted just for you.

So, feel free to fill out that form with your email and we can get started. Now that summer vacations are coming to an end and school is about to start, here’s your chance to take care of you and to embark on a beautiful new healing venture in a safe and fragrance-free environment.

I hope you enjoyed the solar eclipse of August 21 — it was a beautiful celestial experience. But if you feel rattled or simply overly anxious, Five Element Acupuncture might just be the therapy that can help you get through your days with optimism and vitality.