Sometimes it Take a Village to Get Well

When one is going through a health crisis, it may not be a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket hoping, for example, that acupuncture is the cure all for your host of maladies. Sometimes getting a team together is the best way to approach an illness because an illness is not just about the pain in the hip. There’s an emotional component as well as tight muscles and vertebrae to consider. There are times when nutrition needs to be addressed and in other cases, pharmaceuticals.

When we try to put a team together for ourselves, it might require trial and error which equals time. A better approach might be to ask your acupuncturist or functional medicine doc who they would recommend. Chances are practitioners have had their own health issues and have a retinue of helpers on board. While I work with various acupuncture modalities, energy work and nutrition, I don’t do massage or cranial sacral. I can’t do chiropractic and the amount of time I can spend counseling people is limited. If, for example, a man is concerned because his child has a drinking problem, I recommend joining Alanon so they have the support they need to cope. Having lived in the Annapolis, Md. area for over 20 years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the players in the holistic field and often recommend putting a team together, if appropriate. Most of my patients benefit greatly from the tools I offer, but if someone comes in with a history of car accidents, falls, family problems I may ask them to consider opening up to the possibility of adding other therapies.