Sound and How It Can Enhance an Acupuncture Treatment

Tuning fork therapy works in the biofield, or aura. We each have an egg-shaped aura which extends about six feet out from our center. The aura stores memories and our blueprint. In other words, all the information we accumulated through living from the moment of conception until present time. Another way of looking at the aura is a container for the subconscious.

We all have memories or areas of stuckness in our biofield and it’s easy to detect, through the use of tuning forks, at what ages trauma happened. In short, the tuning fork can actually pick up that energy (which feels like goo) and move it into the chakras where the energy can be put to use instead of hanging out in a burdensome way. After a biofield treatment (with the aid of acupuncture), a person reports feeling lighter, happier and more themselves. It’s rare these days that I don’t include some tuning fork therapy along with acupuncture. Targeted sound can actually stimulate the needles and deepen the treatment.

Let’s take one example of a woman whose mother punished her by banishing her from the supper table at age 13. I could feel the stuckness in her aura and could determine the age when the trauma occurred. The woman remembered the incident clearly. I gathered up the sticky energy and moved it into her solar plexus chakra. She reported later that her digestion improved.

October 8, 2018

Over the weekend I visited an elderly aunt who looks forward to my working on her as long as I don’t use needles. This time I decided to use a tuning fork to stimulate her heart and lungs. Afterwards, I allowed the fork to direct me to the age that held trauma. It stopped at age 52. When I asked her what happened at that age, she said she was working but couldn’t remember anything more. I remembered that she quit her job due to severe allergies and asthma that started when construction in the building next to hers began. After that piece cleared, I got closer to her physical body, when she was 84. Her husband died at that time and after he had been in ICU for nine months. She said she tries not to think about that time and did not want to discuss it. That was okay with me. I stayed at that spot until her unconscious let me take the stuck energy and to move it into her heart chakra where the energy could be used.

Her caregiver told me later in the afternoon she was in a good mood and actually laughed a few times, something that is rare for her.