Spending Time with Your Self

Your Self really loves you. When you don’t spend time with your Self, it misses you. It’s sort of the way a toddler likes to spend time with a loving grown up sitting on a lap being read to. It feels good. Kids feel like they’re important when they’re nurtured. It’s the same with your Self. It loves when you pay attention to it, which is really YOU at the deepest level.

When I work with patients they often drift off into a deep restful place and when the needles are removed, they feel like they’ve been on vacation. Acupuncture is a wonderful experience here at the Jade Spring Health Center. I often give people homework, which is more like “home play.” Patients often report back when they take time to do something they love or do something good for themselves, they feel so much more grounded and in touch with what they need. The world starts to feel like a friendlier place.

Five Element Acupuncture, as I practice the art and science of the mind, body, soul, is all about getting back in touch with the Self.

“I have time for my Self” is a mantra that sets the stage for you and your Self to touch base. Acupuncture is a great help, but the real change happens when you become your own coach and the only way you can do that is to spend time with your Self listening to what it wants and loves.

Want help getting in touch with that deep part of you that yearns for your/its company? Call 410 384 9183