Spiritual Ascension: More People are Going Through It

It’s not something one talks about as most people are not on that wave length and don’t want to be. But when you’re having electrical symptoms like surges of energy shooting up the spine, you may want to tell your physician or health care practitioner. Some chiropractors will say they’ve heard of “kundalini” but that’s as far as it goes. Most don’t want to “go there.” There are some open medical doctors (like Lee Sannella) or perhaps Deepok Chopra who won’t denigrate your experience.

For the most part, you basically feel you’re on your own and in a sense, you are. No one can help us shed our own skin and surrender to a new way of being in the world, but there are supports. Cranial sacral is a good modality provided you find a practitioner with an open mind and who doesn’t get scared when they can feel the activity in your electrical field. No one wants to be preached to, especially by someone who is not knowledgeable about the ascension process.

What can help is imagining blue or indigo light surrounding your aura, then pulling it down to the sacrum (sacred bone, where the energy resides). Imagine the cool blue indigo putting out the raging fire then move it down your legs into the center of the earth. Imagine the blue light as a grounding cord.

Acupuncture can also be a tool that can help but be aware that some people are ultrasensitive to metal when kundalini starts to ascend.

Know also that this energy is conscious — and that the goal is higher consciousness. You can talk to it and tell it, “I’m not ready.” Chances are if you’re serious and persistent in your declaration, it will stop. Some people find the hotter months the hardest.

A former Buddhist monk told me about the duck egg mediation. When one is in a spiritual environment, energies can start to shoot up and make one uncomfortable to say the least. In a nutshell, imagine at the top of your head a yellow soothing duck egg. Allow the yellow to break and pour down into your brain, face, down your arms. Then go up to your head area again and slowly let the yellow move down your head, through your body and out the bottoms of your feet. It’s a relaxing visualization and works well.

I am including a link at the bottom of this blog entry. But what I want to stress is that listening to negativity and engaging with low-energy individuals (those who believe only in the material) is a drain, even if one is not undergoing the ascension process. Caution also is to be careful of who you tell because most people will label you as strange.

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