Spring is the Time to Get Organized

Spring relates to the wood element, more specifically to the liver and gall bladder. You may notice that in the Northern Hemisphere the daffodil shoots are getting taller and there are even rumors of snowdrops in sunny spots. Although we’ll have our share of snow, ice and cold temps, know that the energy of the earth is rising.

This is the time to prepare to get our liver (the chemical processing plant of the body) in shape for spring, season of creativity and action. It’s the time to start getting organized, to spring clean our house and our bodies, not just with dark leafy greens and a gentle detox program, but with acupuncture to tune those organs that really need it.

There’s nothing sadder to greet spring with a tired body and mind, as many people do. You may have heard of the term “spring fever” which has fallen out of favor in the United States but the Europeans refer to it as liver sickness. When I lived in Italy, on the tongues of everyone was how their liver was doing. “I have mal de fegato,” they’d say, then head to the pharmacy for bitters or the green grocer for dandelion leaves and other dark green leafy vegetables.

As I write this, I am doing a gentle detox as are several of my patients. One of the themes that surfaces during a prep-for-spring detox is how many of us have a need to get rid of clutter and to get organized. I tell people all the time that getting organized is part of getting and staying healthy. When we live in a house with a lot of clutter (or car for that matter), it’s stressful. The old saying, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”

I’m a firm believer in seasonal detox and acupuncture treatments that can add productive years to our lives.