Spring: Why People Need Acupuncture Now

Winter is the longest month where the universal energy (chi) moves deep into the earth and deep into our bones. It’s the season when we don’t feel like running around. But come late February and early March, we get the urge to get out the seed catalogues and do some serious planning, especially when we see the daffodil shoots sprouting up.

It’s the same way with us–our own chi is rising but it’s not always easy to just jump up like the proverbial jack-in-the-box and expect our energy to meet us where we wish it would. Thus, the term “spring fever.” It’s not unusual to feel tired when spring is on its way. Some people feel depressed or out of sorts. That’s where an acupuncture tune up can come to the rescue. The patients who’ve been with me for a long time call for an appointment because they know they need energy to fulfill their dreams.

March wind can be quite powerful–it prunes the trees and seeds the earth.
But wind can also deplete us. The wind also carries “the 10,000 diseases,” to quote an ancient Chinese saying. Regular acupuncture tune ups keep us healthy, boosts the immune system. And a spring acupuncture tune up can restore hope.

In good health,

Alexis Rotella, M.Ac.


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