Starting Off a New Year with a New Attitude

There’s the saying,”If you don’t change direction,you’ll wind up where you’re going.”

I recently spoke to a woman who has had chronic fatigue for years. She keeps going back to the same old physician who is not up to date with the latest information. She’s not open to acupuncture, energy medicine, herbs, homeopathics. Oh, she says, she tried all that.

Sorry, but when you try something once and it doesn’t work, you haven’t gone far enough.

When I was 42, I came down with chronic fatigue syndrome–that’s when it was one of those illnesses that was considered “all in one’s head.” I could barely take three steps and the depression was almost intolerable. What saved me was acupuncture. It helped me regain my strength, so much so that when my husband and I moved to California, I started acupuncture school because I believe so much in its benefits.

I’ve met a number of acupuncturists whose technique and bedside manner turned me off, but I kept searching until I found practitioners of acupuncture who were on my wave length.

Since we are Westerners, it’s my opinion that we often do better with acupuncturists who are Western. Chinese medical doctors who use acupuncture are schooled in the old ways with rough needling technique, not something a person with chronic fatigue cozies up to. Many of us in the United States were trained in the Five Element Technique by the late Dr. John Worsley (an osteopath from England who traveled to China and the East long before acupuncture was accepted in the West).

Insurance companies offer acupuncture coverage, which is a beautiful thing. But even if a person pays out of pocket, which I did for years, acupuncture is an investment in your health and your future. I owe acupuncture my life.