Stick to a Health Care Practitioner You Trust

It’s not easy being a physician or practitioner especially when a patient presents with multiple symptoms and has a history of bouncing from one medical person to the next. It’s not realistic to assume that the next doctor you see is going to solve all your problems especially if after one or two visits you are skipping off to another healer.

The techniques I offer in my clinic are unique and through the use of the Zyto and SCIO technologies one can retrieve a lot of information about one’s body and emotions that even the best of medical tests will not find.

I always recommend to my chronically ill patients that a trusted medical doctor be brought on board. Hopefully that doctor is willing to be a part of a team and has an open mind.

Too many times I interview patients only to be told in the first five minutes of our conversation what they didn’t like about other practitioners they had seen. I know I will be next on the list to be criticized.

Sometimes practitioners will say things to patients that are not kind–oftentimes it’s out of frustration with the patient’s noncompliance. But I learned a long time ago that if something hurts us deeply enough, there may be a grain of truth in what someone says. It takes courage to look within ourselves and to take a good hard look at our modus operandi.

If a doctor tells an elderly woman to lay off the cookies because her blood sugar is too high, it’s not because he wants to deprive her of pleasure, but because he is trying to save her life.

In any case, sooner or later it’s important to let a physician take you as far as they can, not to leave in midstream in a huff because you don’t like the shape of his nose or the fact that he’s not always wearing a smiley face.