Sugar Addictions: Why Some People Have a Harder Time at Holidays

While craving for sugar is a common phenomenon, the holidays are a really difficult time for many, my patients included. When I recently asked a woman about her early relationship with her mother, she told me she wasn’t breast fed and her mother didn’t know the first thing about nurturing her daughter. Instead she ran to an aunt for cuddles and cookies.

She also said that her mother was like the child and she took on the part of mother (also common).

In Chinese Medicine, there are two meridians that relate to the mother/earth principle–the stomach and the spleen. Along these two meridians there are many acupuncture points with interesting names such as Broken Bowl and Abundant Splendor. Broken Bowl is treated when a person feels that they cannot hold earth’s sweet elixir, or any kind of nurturing. Abundant Splendor can be used when a person, who has overdosed on sweets develops mucous, phlegm and lymphatic congestion.

Everyone is entitled to the feeling of being alive, of living in abundant splendor. It’s possible to treat specific points not just with needles, but flower essences and essential oils applied directly. It’s also possible to balance meridians remotely.

As Covid19 continues to impact our lives, and as people are in lock down, the earth element and our need for being held physically and emotionally is crying out. While there may be no substitute for physical contact, remember there is no separation between people–we are all connected by a Web, or Matrix, of consciousness. Many practitioners, myself included, have been practicing spiritual healing at a distance for decades.

Cries for sugar are usually calls for love and around the end of the year, we seem to need more attention and hugs than usual.

I work with people of all ages from around the world.