Supplements — They are not all Created Equal

In my practice, I seek out only those supplements that rate five stars. First of all,
I don’t use remedies that contain mag stearate and other toxic tagalongs such as titanium dioxide. The microbes who live inside us love mag stearate as it is the material they use to build biofilms (the cocoons where they hide so the immune system can’t detect them).

Most supplements come in plastic bottles that are toxic which allows light to pass through thus diminishing the life of the capsules. The cotton that is stuffed in the top, unless organic cotton is used, is filled with pesticides. Thirdly, when supplements stay on shelves where flourescent lights are shining on them hour after hour, the quality of the products are compromised. But in many cases, the quality of the product is not there in the first place.

I look for companies that test every batch of raw material that enters their lab for toxicity. I look for companies that subject their products to rigorous testing to make sure that the herbs one is getting matches one’s cellular resonance. I look for companies who have enough integrity to send back raw material that don’t meet these high standards, even if they have to find another supplier and take the product off the market for a time.

Where the rubber meets the road is how the supplements perform in a clinical setting. Until I found the products I use in my clinic, it was rare that anyone ever said, “Wow. These really work.” Now I hear shouts of joy all the time.

If you are a practitioner and are interested in what I use in my practice, please schedule an information interview at 410 384 9183. Your patients deserve the best.