Swollen Ankles, Legs and All Around Puffiness

If you’re not taking potassium, it’s worth trying. A product I recently discovered is called Capriset available on Amazon. A patient of mine lost five pounds of water weight in just two weeks.

Of course, if there’s an imbalance in your kidneys or liver, just adding a supplement may not do the trick. Your lymph system moves toxins and hands them over to the kidneys for filtering through the urinary system. Acupuncture is useful in balancing your meridians (energy circuits)which in turn stimulates the organs.

I always offer my patients nutritional counseling. When lymphatics are involved, I advise that they do research on what foods are natural diuretics, like cucumber, watermelon, asparagus, and beets. There are man others. Movement is also a must. I know we’re having a hot summer and walking or running may not be wise when the temps are so high, but indoor exercise is a good idea–walking up and down the stairs for 15 minutes or bouncing on a trampoline. Gentle exercises like yoga or tai chi are also helpful when moving lymph.