Swollen Parotid Gland – Is it a Messenger?

It all started when Julie ate a sour olive. The gland puffed up like a balloon then subsided. It happened years ago once or twice, but never since. The gland would get hard when she chewed her morning cereal but after she massaged it with her hand, it seemed to go back to normal.

Her doctor told her to apply hot and cold compresses. She read that aloe vera helps with salivation and she, of course, upped her water intake.

After a month, her jaw started to hurt. She was able to get an appointment with a biological dentist who, like a good detective, tapped on her back teeth, asked Julie if any one felt different. When she indicated that one felt painful, an xray was taken of the back teeth and within minutes, the answer was there — infection at the root of the tooth that anchors the stomach, spleen, lymph, jaw. (Every tooth is connected via a meridian/energy channel to an organ).

Julie had had severe digestive issues for several months and of course, the jaw issue which manifested as a swollen parotid.

Her dentist gave her the news — even though antibiotics would help keep the infection low grade, a root canal or extraction were options. It’s not an easy decision to make, but living with an infection that can cause other problems is not ideal. While infections anywhere else in the body can be eliminated, the jaw is that secret cave that holds onto infection that can eat away at the bone.

When the parotid swells, the gland may just be a messenger to look deeper.