Taking Care of Your Teeth and Gums

Health begins in the mouth. Every tooth is connected to a meridian which is anchored to an organ/organs.

For example, the two front teeth are related to the bladder and kidneys, the canines to the gall bladder and liver. If those teeth are not well cared for, it’s a matter of time before the organs become weak and sick.

It’s important to stimulate the gums at least once a day with a water pik or similar instrument. Also before bed to use stimudents, thin wooden sticks that are inserted between each tooth.

Plaque is nothing more than biofilms. I advise my patients to use neem oil and bark with their nonflouride toothpaste twice a day. In no time, teeth lose that yellow film and one can feel the mouth appreciating the time spent taken care of  the 32 anchors that we depend on for more than just chewing.