Today I Received the Highest Compliment

A patient who is going through a metamorphosis in her life told me today that she has gotten more from our talking sessions (supported with acupuncture) than she has from regular sessions with a psychologist. I wasn’t surprised to hear that, because when I was trained by Professor John R. Worsley, emphasis was put on not just listening to what the patient says, but how they say it, how their skin color changes, how they smell (we all have a unique one that relates to one of the five elements–fire, air, earth, water, wood). We pay attention to how a person emotes and what changes occur as therapy moves along.

I use a variety of techniques in my practice–not simply with needles. I believe that all disease starts with how we were parented, how our parents were parented–in other words, going back multi generations, we can pinpoint our trauma (we all have at least one) that is carried with us until one disease or another acts as messenger to awaken us to a new way of seeing and understanding ourselves and our circumstances.

The patient I refer to above came in depressed. There has been a lot of suppression in her family and she too had suppressed her feelings for years. Now that she has the right support, not only has she started to heal from IBS, but her relationship with her parents has flowered.

When we choke off from speaking our truth, when we are afraid to ask about our own early beginnings, we deprive ourselves of real growth opportunities. While exploring via talk therapy, five-element acupuncture aids in removing the many masks we wear to reveal the authentic self.