ZYTO Nutritional Counseling

A favorite diagnostic tool I use in my clinic is the ZYTO — all you do is rest your hand on a cradle and the computer does the rest. It tells a patient what organ systems are the most stressed and how best to treat with nutrition or other means. It can tell a patient what foods the body wants and which foods to avoid. The ZYTO cuts through a lot of guesswork and can assist an open-minded doctor in determining what tests he or she might want to order. The ZYTO helps determine the best detox remedies for a specific person since everyone is unique and no two people are treated the same. It’s helpful in determining how best to support one with Lyme and or its co-infections as well as other conditions.

The first session takes about 90 minutes which includes an intake to understand a patient’s health history, surgeries including dental work (each tooth is an anchor for an organ–if there’s a problem with, say, a wisdom tooth, the heart can be affected). After the interview, the individual sits comfortably while placing either hand on the cradle. I then choose different Zyto biosurveys which scan the person’s meridian system.

The Zyto shows which system or organ in the body is most energetically stressed and with further scanning, will indicate why, e.g., is a virus causing the problem, or heavy metals–and then digging further, finding out what the culprit is. Once the energetic cause is determined, we ask what remedies or therapies are indicated.

Emotions are always involved in an illness and the Zyto is spot on when it comes to determining if, for example, grief or heartache may be behind the pain in the chest. What’s also unique about the Zyto is it’s ability to imprint an energetic remedy based upon the person’s individual needs.

We’ve all experienced the frustrating scenario of explaining to a doctor how we feel only to have to undergo test after test. Conventional doctors use no form of energetic testing to determine what antibiotic or drug is the perfect drug for that person’s condition. Sometimes seeking professional help is like a crap shoot–try this drug to see what happens. Then another and another until the patient is ready to change doctors only to repeat the same scenario. Fortunately, I know doctors who know the value of Zyto testing and it’s not uncommon for a holistic physician to refer their patient for testing so that they can make better informed decisions.

Case Study

A physician referred a young man to my practice who was having seizures. Drugs were not helping and in fact were creating more problems such as severe anxiety (not just for him, but for the entire family). Within minutes, the Zyto showed that parasites were the main stressor. It determined that there were more than one parasite on board and came up with the herb mimosa pudica as the aid. When a person is on a detox to rid the body of undesirable guests, it’s important to make sure that proper drainage for the organs of elimination are in place as well as binders such as chlorella or zeolite.

Getting well is like peeling the layer of an onion and when one’s health is seriously compromised, regular visits to determine the next step are in order. Future visits showed that the parasitic load was lessening but different herbs were called for as well as different binders and drainers. The Zyto can show what therapies can assist–in this man’s case, cranial sacral was called for and the need to pay attention to how he used his smart phone and wireless technology. He needed to keep the phone away from his head and not to store it in his shirt pocket next to his heart. Wireless can exacerbate any condition and while this family were plugged into devices regularly, they learned to turn the wireless off at night and when not in use. Not only did the young man benefit but so did everyone in his family.

Case Study

A man in his early 30’s said he felt like he was 60. He felt lost and fatigued having just moved from the Rockies and because of family obligations, was trying to make a new life for himself as a handyman. He had an open mind and was on a spiritual path and was excited to see what the Zyto would reveal. Immediately issues with the small intestine showed up. He was having malabsorption issues and problems making decisions. Further Zyto scanning showed that chemicals related to paint and paint thinners were the biggest hit on his system.

Oral hygeine also became apparent and when I questioned the man, he admitted that he did not brush or floss regularly. I explained that health begins in the mouth. Neem oil and bark were indicated with regular brushing. An imprinted remedy was given to help draw out the chemicals as well as adrenal herbal support and digestive enzymes. Within a month he reported that he felt like his old self and had enough energy to start building his business but realized he wanted to continue with treatment to deal with what was in the next layer of the onion.

I use the Zyto on children as well as the elderly. So many people have food sensitivities and pay thousands of dollars for skin and blood tests yet still don’t feel any better. The Zyto offers energetic food scans – while this is not allergy testing, it can often reveal things that conventional tests can’t.

Case Study

A woman referred by an acupuncturist came in five years ago with issues of underweight, fatigue and poor digestion and elimination. Zyto food scan revealed that the food she was eating regularly was preventing her from absorbing nutrients. A number of organ systems were stressed and addressed with appropriate drainers for the small intestine, large intestine and kidneys. She tested for an adrenal supplement which boosted her energy.

This patient was so sick she was ready to explore assisted living. Her doctors were out of ideas. Within weeks, the woman was feeling happy and was working on her social life which included eating out regularly. Zyto testing also pointed to low thyroid and the need for thyroid hormones. I referred her to a holistic physician as well as a cranial sacral therapist. Sometimes it takes being at the end of one’s rope to find the right answers. It’s never too late to seek holistic help – the body wants to heal – it just needs the right information.

Zyto can help people of all ages live a healthy happier life. It’s a tool that can help a seasoned practitioner develop a treatment plan that is individually tailored to a specific individual. No two persons are ever treated in the same way.

I was one of the first practitioners in Maryland to introduce biofeedback computerized nutrition such as the Zyto into the field of nutrition.

While it’s always best to consult in person with a local practitioner who has a sound educational background and years of training in holistic health, it is possible to be tested remotely using the Zyto and Evox technologies. With the purchase or rental of a hand cradle, we can test you from the comfort of your own home no matter where you are.