ZYTO – Pioneering Nutritional Counseling

We’ve all experienced the frustrating scenario of explaining to a doctor how we feel only to have to undergo test after test. Conventional doctors do not use energetic testing to determine what antibiotic or drug is the perfect drug for that person’s condition. Sometimes seeking professional help is like a crap shoot–try this drug to see what happens. Then another and another until the patient is ready to change doctors only to repeat the same scenario. Fortunately, I know doctors who know the value of ZYTO testing and it’s not uncommon for a holistic physician to refer their patient for testing so that they can make better informed decisions.

A favorite diagnostic tool I use in my clinic is the cutting-edge ZYTO. I was one of the first practitioners in Maryland to introduce biofeedback computerized ZYTO into the field of nutrition. The process requires you to lay your hand on a cradle while the computer does the rest. It tells a patient what organ systems are the most stressed and how best to treat with nutrition or other means. It can tell a patient what foods the body wants and which foods to avoid. The ZYTO cuts through a lot of guesswork and can assist an open-minded doctor in determining what tests he or she might want to order. The ZYTO helps determine the best detox remedies for a specific person since everyone is unique and no two people are treated the same. It’s helpful in determining how best to support one with Lyme and or its co-infections as well as other conditions.

The first session takes about 90 minutes which includes an intake to understand a patient’s health history and surgeries, including dental work After the interview, the individual sits comfortably while placing either hand on the cradle. I then choose different ZYTO bio surveys which scan the person’s meridian system.
The ZYTO shows which system or organ in the body is most energetically stressed and with further scanning, will indicate why, e.g., is a virus causing the problem, or heavy metals–and then digging further, finding out what the culprit is. Once the energetic cause is determined, we ask what remedies or therapies are indicated.

Emotions are always involved in an illness and the ZYTO is spot on when it comes to determining if, for example, grief or heartache may be behind the pain in the chest. What’s also unique about the ZYTO is its ability to imprint an energetic remedy based upon the person’s individual needs.

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