Thoughts on the Healing Arts
at Jade Spring Health Center

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“Alexis Rotella is highly educated and gifted in the Healing Arts. She uses multiple tools to address your needs in a refined, skilled and beautiful manner. Her multidisciplinary approach covers all the bases!”

Dale Korangy, M.Ac.

“When I came to see Alexis I was feeling very worn out and discouraged. After my treatment, my mood lifted. And I felt so much better. The treatment was painless and pleasant. It was fun to feel the energy shifting.”

Christina Sharp
Massage/Colonic Therapist

“You are a truly unique healer and a beautiful soul. Thank you!”

Allison Bower, L.Ac., M.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Washington, DC

“She is proficient. Alexis is a no nonsense practitioner who has taught me how to manage my physical and emotional stressors, reducing my lower back and neck pain. I am glad to have met Alexis and plan on maintaining my therapy with her.”

Lisa, Annapolis, Md.

“Not only did Alexis help me physically with acupuncture but also mentally as well. Her knowledge of the powers of Eastern healing helped me in ways I did not know were possible.”

Mike O., Arnold, Maryland

“With the help of Alexis and the team she put together, I was able to resolve a jaw problem that had been giving me problems for more than a year. She helped get me on a nutritional protocol and created for me a homeopathic remedy that cut right to the chase. Alexis helped me understand that the emotional block I was carrying around had much to do with holding me back from my heart’s desires.”

Magdalene R., Glen Burnie, Md.

“About 25 years ago I started having stomach and knee pains. Medical doctors could not figure out what was causing them. ‘It’s your nerves’, they said. So, I started seeing holistic healers who helped me a lot, but then I had to struggle with multiple food sensitivities that had come to light, and I lost a lot of weight. About one year ago things became much worse when extremely low energy was added to the list, and the weight loss became alarming. Found Alexis Rotella through another Acupuncturist who through Zyto nutrition and other modalities, allayed my worst fears of having to go to assisted living. I am in my own home, I walk every day and my social life has blossomed. I feel so fortunate to have found Alexis Rotella.”

Barbara U., Annapolis, Md.

“Alexis Rotella didn’t give up on me when I felt abandoned by the medical profession. She hung in there with me until I felt like I a human being again. Alexis helped me detox in a safe way–she didn’t throw the kitchen sink at me like so many other practitioners I had been to.”

Betty G., Severna Park, Md.

“I couldn’t believe how the Zyto cut to the chase–it revealed just what I needed to know about my failing health. After many blood and other labs, no one could figure out why I was so tired. Alexis’s testing showed that I had parasites and after one month of being on an herbal protocol, my digestion improved, my mood got better and my energy returned.”

Francis T., Arnold, Md.

“When it comes to healing the body, mind and Spirit, Alexis Rotella is a real gift! She has been studying health for many years, which is evident not only by her expertise but the many different “tools” that she uses in her practice. Recently, I came to her for an issue with my knee and the next day, it felt 100% better. I like that she encourages me to consider what’s underneath the pain, i.e., what the body is trying to tell me emotionally as well as mentally.”

Kater Leatherman,
Yoga teacher and professional organizer
Annapolis, Maryland

“Jade Spring Health is the best and the most peaceful holistic center in the DC metro area! Alexis is wonderful; she is very wise and the most kind and compassionate practitioner with a lot of experience. She cares deeply for the well-being of her patients, she listens and goes above and beyond to get to the root of the problem and fix it. I found Alexis 13 years ago in a local paper add when my health was so poor that I couldn’t take care of my two little kids and she has been a very important part of my healing journey ever since.
I can’t thank Alexis enough for caring for myself and for my family for over 10 years, relieving anything from cold or a migraine to fatigue, Lyme disease or chronic liver condition.
I am forever grateful to Alexis and I highly recommend her.”

Liliana M.- Rockville MD

“Alexis is a very knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner. Her gentle but wise spirit will support your healing journey to maximize your healing potential.”
Julie -Redmond, Oregon

“I came to Mrs. Alexis Rotella with some serious digestive issues- Small Intestinal
bacterial Overgrowth, liver toxicity and food sensitivities among others. I felt weak, scared, and hopeless- traditional medicine failed me and I did not know what to do next… I decided to try an alternative approach and it was the best health related decision I have ever made in my life. Mrs. Alexis Rotella’s knowledge, experience, and compassion helped me regain my health and joy in my life. I very highly recommend her to everybody who is seeking the honest and highest quality healthcare.”

Nina S.- San Francisco, CA

“Having lived abroad and in different places in North America I have had some excellent acupuncturists! I can put Alexis Rotella the top of the list.”

“It is rare to encounter a practioner with such unique and extensive skills and knowledge as Alexis! Her innate curiosity, genius and passion for the wellness of her clients is a gift to all of us! She has stuck with me through some stubborn respiratory conditions and when we could not get full resolution, she used some “tough love” so to speak and recommended some excellent MD’s to get diagnostic testing. Her urging and wise counsel has led me to a hopeful journey I might never have found without her intervention. Together, we are forging a triumphant path to not only better physical health overall, but I am experiencing a more profound degree of wholeness and spirituality.”
Mary Ann B.- Annapolis, MD

“I was at my wit’s end having endured some faulty dental procedures and had been suffering for months from severe pain in my jaw. Alexis Rotella not only was able to direct me to a key dental expert in the area, but her acupuncture skills brought such instant relief that I began to have hope again. She also set me up with a series of supplements that helped support my body through its healing process. Alexis Rotella is well versed in so many facets of health and healing, I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without her.”
Marlene L. – Athens, OH

“Alexis is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I found her by chance and am glad I did. She’s a great acupuncturist and so much more, utilizing numerous tools and talents to aid me in my healing journey.”
April A. – Odenton, MD

“Alexis provides me with the best care. Acupuncture as well as clarity and healthy eating advice. I highly recommend!”
Beth B. – Arnold, MD