Five Element Acupuncture Results

Case Study 1: Chronic Fatigue

Background: An Iyengar 30-year-old yoga teacher complained of severe fatigue. When I listened to her pulses, the first thing I noticed was the right-hand pulses had monopolized all the energy from her left-hand pulses. When I corrected the imbalance, her pulses immediately changed. She called me a few days later and thanked me for saving her life even though I did not tell her the severity of the blockage, but I did stress that I wanted to recheck her in a week to make sure the treatment held.

Case Study 2: Severe Pain

Background: A woman from Eastern Europe came to my clinic complaining about severe pain in her liver and chest area. She had been on many drugs. When I examined her, I found an energetic block between her liver and lung – in other words the liver and lung were not on speaking terms. The block was addressed almost immediately. She couldn’t believe that after so many years of pain and suffering that relief could have occurred so quickly. The woman has been a regular patient, and I treat her entire family as well.

Case Study 3: Digestive Issues

Background: A massage therapist complained about digestive issues. Acupuncture allowed her to have regular bowel movements and to eat without experiencing irritable bowel symptoms. She was crestfallen when she told me she was moving to Florida, that our close relationship was coming to an end. I suggested that I thought she would make a good acupuncturist and months later, I received a letter informing me that because of her own experience with acupuncture, she had enrolled in a school near her new home.

Case Study 4: Spider Bite Infection

Background: A gentleman was bit by a recluse spider while camping. His foot turned a lurid red and swelled to twice its normal size. The pain was excruciating. By applying volcanic clay to the bottom of the foot and then treating the wound itself with clay, the man in a day and a half was back to work and walking normally. Family members were afraid he would lose his foot.

Case Study 5: Extreme Exhaustion

Background: A local acupuncturist who carries a heavy patient load experienced extreme exhaustion. After clearing a block between her spleen and her heart, she said, “It was a difference between night a day.” She even started to mow her own lawn.

Case Study 6: Fatigue & Weakness

Background: Having recently gone through surgery for bladder prolapse, a local practitioner was not able to work due to fatigue and weakness in her lower abdomen. When she came in, she said she would slowly start back to work in a month’s time. After treating her with Korean Hand Therapy and needless acupuncture stimulation, she immediately felt a lift and several days later she emailed to say that she would be getting back to work on a part-time basis sooner than she expected.

Case Study 7: Mood Disorder

Background: A stressed-out family came in, each of the parents in a bad mood, the two kids freaking out because the mom and dad were always bickering. It was the first time they experienced acupuncture, both with and without needles. It didn’t take long for all to calm down and regroup. The father and mother were amazed how in just a short period of time, one could start to feel better than they had in many years.

Case Study 8: Chronic Fatigue, Back Pain & Depression

Background: A woman in her 50’s came to the clinic in tears. She had been sick for six years with fatigue, back pain, and depression. I first addressed her back pain by placing a small pellet on her hand to remotely treat her thoracic area. Instantly the pain disappeared and with it the depression. The woman continued to make remarkable progress and so quickly it surprised her, her husband, and church members.

Case Study 9: Anxiety

Background: A patient came in on an emergency basis. She was experiencing anxiety and, in her words, “jumping out of her body.” I found two things that were paramount — first, she had been to a practitioner who put her on heavy metal detoxifiers without kidney and liver support. Her central nervous system was burdened due to electromagnetic stress. After giving her a specific homeopathic remedy that was right just for her at that moment, she calmed down in a few minutes and left a happy relieved woman.

ZYTO Results

Case Study 1: Seizures

Background: A physician referred a young man to my practice who was having seizures. Drugs were not helping and in fact were creating more problems such as severe anxiety (not just for him, but for the entire family). Within minutes, the ZYTO showed that parasites were the main stressor. It determined that there was more than one parasite on board and came up with the herb mimosa pudica as the aid. When a person is on a detox to rid the body of undesirable guests, it’s important to make sure that proper drainage for the organs of elimination are in place as well as binders such as chlorella or zeolite.

Getting well is like peeling the layer of an onion and when one’s health is seriously compromised, regular visits to determine the next step are in order. Future visits showed that the parasitic load was lessening but different herbs were called for as well as different binders and drainers.

Case Study 2: Nutritional Issues

Background: A woman referred by an acupuncturist came in five years ago with issues of underweight, fatigue and poor digestion and elimination. This patient was so sick she was ready to explore assisted living. ZYTO food scan revealed that the food she was eating regularly was preventing her from absorbing nutrients. Several organ systems were stressed and addressed with appropriate drainers for the small intestine, large intestine and kidneys. She tested for an adrenal supplement which boosted her energy.

Within weeks, the woman was feeling happy and was working on her social life which included eating out regularly. ZYTO testing also pointed to low thyroid and the need for thyroid hormones. I referred her to a holistic physician as well as a cranial sacral therapist. It’s never too late to seek holistic help. The body wants to heal; it just needs the right information. And sometimes in severe chronic conditions, it can take a team.

Practical Homeopathy

In my practice I have worked with homeopathy for the last 20 plus years. I have studied combination remedies with Apex, Energetix and Desseret Biologicals and am certified in Soluna (spagyric) remedies. I have studied constitutional homeopathy, have been treated with constitutional homeopathy many times myself, but nothing works better than practical homeopathy. I’m fortunate to have been mentored by premier homeopath Joette Calabrese on gut and emotional issues.

A woman who complained of ankle and leg edema was amazed when, after several weeks, she no longer had to wear support stockings. Another patient who suffered from insomnia was able, after a short time, to get a full night’s refreshing sleep. This same patient complained of long standing groin pain. She was delighted to see a lessening of the symptoms with a return to greater mobility in just a few days.

A gentleman patient got a severe case of the itches that kept him awake at night. He actually took a back scratcher to bed with him. Practical homeopathy to the rescue and within a half hour his skin calmed down.

EVOX Results

Case Study 1: Fear of Failure

Background: A forty-five-year-old woman was worried that she wouldn’t pass her real estate exam. With each EVOX session, she began to let go and began thinking of other career opportunities. As it turned out, she passed the exam with flying colors but decided a position in human resources was more to her liking.

Case Study 2: Working for Money, Not Compassion

Background: A woman was a part-time caregiver for an elderly uncle. Her perception was that she would help him if at the end of the rainbow she’d collect her pot of gold. But the resources he had saved were dwindling and her resentment was building to the point when she visited they started snapping at each other. It only took one session for her perception of him to change–with each subsequent EVOX session she began to feel more compassion toward him and by the fifth session, she had let go of receiving an inheritance. When she visited her uncle, there was no irritation, just a warm feeling between them.

Case Study 3: Letting Go

Background: An elderly woman felt that she was the family scapegoat and being blamed for every problem. The woman always felt she was different from the rest of her family. She was an artist, well-travelled, and an independent thinker while her brothers and sisters were traditionalists who lived in the same town she. She blamed them for being narrow-minded. In her heart, she wanted to be able to let them be who they are and to expect nothing in return. It was almost immediate that she began to see things from their point of view and by the fifth session, she felt a deep compassion which replaced resentment.