The Burden of Being a People Pleaser

It’s easy to be a door mat, to say yes to every request that comes our way, but in the long run chronic people pleasing is a drain. It’s nice to be liked but doesn’t feel so good when someone thinks we’re not the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yet this “malady” is something we can overcome and when we do, people will respect us but what’s more important, we will respect ourselves more. We will take time for us and not feel guilty when we say no.

I know family members who were so addicted to people pleasing that when someone admired a painting on a wall or a new pair of shoes, they would feel like they had to give it to that person. Chances are we often feel angry after we’ve gone overboard and blame the other, when what’s likely going on is an imbalance in our stomach and spleen meridians. This is a pattern that often occurs early in life. For example, a child gives away her favorite toy so her friend will like her, but she soon finds out the friend doesn’t like her any more and may often treat her poorly.

What I love about Five Element Acupuncture is that no matter how long a pattern has been etched in our being, it’s not too late to get back into balance. Yes, when your neighbor comes knocking with their dreadful fruitcake, you don’t have to give them a present, too.

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