The Joys of Summer Except for Those Bug Bites

My phone has been ringing off the hook this summer–patients in distress because their skin is inflamed from mosquito, spider, hornet, bee stings, not to mention tick bites, poison ivy and other mysterious flare ups. There are those who, when bitten by a mosquito, don’t just brush it off–mosquitoes and other critters carry toxins which can cause breathing issues and an array of other symptoms.

This is where practical homeopathy comes to the rescue. Every person should have on hand two or three homeopathics that are used expressly for any kind of bite (including dog or even a human bite). There are homeopathics that take care of itching quickly. I’ve seen too many people who scratch themselves until they bleed. Not necessary!

One visit to my clinic and patients get the information they need that will serve them for the rest of their lives, practical suggestions that they can use on their kids and friends. It’s all about putting the power in the hands of the patient. Time to stop thinking steroid creams–they only cause trouble down the road.

Alexis Rotella, M.Ac.. 410 384 9183