The One Thing We Can Count On is the Dear Old Moon

There’s much controversy about the moon and how it can effect our moods. But for those of us who have practiced holistic medicine for decades, there is no debate–the full and new moon phases do have an effect on our psyches and our physical bodies. Patients report not being able to sleep well during those times. They may feel anxious, antsy, impatient. Some may feel dizzy or their digestion is “off.” When the moon is full, things often come to a head–and that includes headaches such as cluster and migraines. Our bodies may hold onto water thus we develop swollen ankles. Our lymph system can become clogged.

The microbes that live inside us are sensitive to the phases of the moon. We may crave more sugar at these times which is really the bugs asking for sweets to keep them going so they can replicate. Keeping track of the moon phases is a good idea so we can prepare ahead of time. In my practice, I teach people self care and that includes becoming wise to the moon’s ways.

Here’s a link to the Farmer’s Almanac and what it has to say about the moon.